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John Viarengo has kindly offered to help with checking phrases in English and with English pronunciation. Here is what he writes about himself:
Native language English, happy to help students of English in any way requested, interested in making cassette tapes for people in their special area of interest so that they can study by hearng the language, which in my opinion is more beneficial than study by reading the foreign language. I am currently trying to get my understanding of German to the point where it's not a foreign language but rather a second language, I'm always interested in Spanish perhaps at the rate of 1 word a day, if I had a Vietnamese partner I would continue to bring that along and I feel the presence of Urdu waiting in the wings. Sorry to be such a dilletante but thats how it is. 

I made my first cassette tape - reading an English fable. Should a student of English be interested, he or she should let me know and I will send them a copy of the tape as well as a photocopy of the written fable.Then, if they wish, they can make a recording of the fable and send it to me. I will then critique their English pronunciation.

If you would like to contact John, please email me, and I will forward your letter to him.

If you would like to become a helper, by all means email me!

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