AMF::Perl - Flash Remoting in Perl

AMF::Perl update history

September 19, 2004. Version 0.15 uploaded. Converted examples to ActionScript 2.0, better input error checking.

Jul 11, 2004. Version 0.14 uploaded. Endianness, better exception handling.

Jul 06, 2004. Version 0.13 uploaded. Small bug fixes, exception handling.

Apr 29, 2004. Version 0.12 uploaded. Changed "use Apache2" to "require Apache2".

Apr 24, 2004. Flash::FLAP renamed to AMF::Perl. Version 0.11 uploaded (0.10 was an interim release). Hopefully complete mod_perl 1 and 2 handling. Mysql column type determination.

Mar 13, 2004. Version 0.09 uploaded. Fixed a couple of "uninitialized" warnings, accepted patches for POD documentation, smarter detection of numbers and dates in Serializer and text encoding.

Aug 3, 2003. Version 0.08 uploaded. Petstore example implemented!!! Also, rewrote Flash::FLAP::new() to accept both Flash::FLAP->new and $flap->new.

Jul 26, 2003. Version 0.07 uploaded. Fixed a bug that would wrongly detect end-of-file in the input data on Windows and replaced the "our" keyword that is not backwards-compatible. Created pseudo_query() in Util::Object that encapsulates the recordset format.

Jun 22, 2003. Version 0.06 uploaded. Added an example that talks to a database on the server side. This is implemented via Got rid of a couple of "uninitialized" warnings.

Apr 29, 2003. Version 0.05 uploaded. It supports Windows and mod_perl 1.

Apr 14, 2003 - FLAP renamed to Flash::FLAP. Version 0.03 uploaded. Added ser vice discovery - now you can register a directory and put Perl packages in it. Every package will be considered a service. Macromedia Service Browser support added.

Mar 11, 2003 - FLAP-0.02 uploaded. Verified trasfer of basic data types from Flash to Perl. Parameters are now sent to Perl functions as an array, not an array ref.