Configuring Dell TrueMobile 1150

Modified on May 1, 2001.

Written by Simon (Vsevolod Ilyushchenko).

I configured a Dell TrueMobile 1150 wireless network card on a Latitude L400. This card is actually an Orinoco in disguise, so practically everything is described

Please do not ask me about anything not related to the wireless card - I do not own the laptop. I work in the IT department and simply installed Linux for somebody else.

Things I had to do to get Redhat Linux 7.1 running.

  1. Added 
        alias eth0 orinoco_cs
    to /etc/modules.conf
    Commented out "alias eth0 3c59x" which was there for the onboard Ethernet interface.
  2. Downloaded the latest kernel (currently 2.4.3).
  3. Applied two patches mentioned in
  4. Put hermes.conf (taken from the same page) into /etc/pcmcia
  5. Make sure the Orinoco module is selected in the kernel configuration (Network Device Support -> PCMCIA network device support -> Pcmcia Wireless LAN -> Hermes support; CONFIG_AIRONET4500_CS)
  6. Compiled the kernel and booted into it.
  7. Downloaded the latest wireless tools (see the same Tools.html page). Redhat came with version 20, which does not work. Version 21 works.
  8. Copied wireless.h from /usr/src/linux/include/linux/wireless.h to /usr/include/linux.
  9. In the wireless tools Makefile, uncommented GLIBC22_HEADERS #define and commented out GLIBC_HEADERS #define.
  10. wireless.opts did not seem to work, so I put

  11.        MODE=Managed
           ESSID="Network name"
    right into /etc/pcmcia/wireless, before
           case "$ACTION" in